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Started more than 40 years ago by Voigt & Sons and continuously improved and enhanced, K&K and Reca Chemie deliver a wide variety of Recaflex and Recapur quality products for the construction and adhesives industry.




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Everything started with the development of the  Recaflex Sports Surfaces by Messrs Voigt & Sons during the late 1960's.

Improved by Balsam AG and K&K Sports, we offer since 1998 the Recaflex sports surface systems, including spray coated tracks, sandwich systems and full PUR surfaces.

Increasing demands regarding safety on playgrounds have led us and the Reca GmbH to develop safety surfaces which meet and exceed  DIN-, EN- and ASTM standards.

Hygienic, easy to maintain and safe for drop heights from 60 cm to 3 m,  Recaplay Safety Surfaces define the state of the art.

Sports facilities not only need approved sports floor systems, but also need functional flooring systems for walk ways, locker rooms and more. This is the reason why we amended our product program.

Seamless flooring systems for production facilities, business, storage areas, parking ramps and more, waterproofing and crack bridging - this is Recastep.

You need a special product but cannot make or buy? Reca Chemie  is the specialist for customers defined products and tooling contracts.

Scale-up from lab to  80 kg pilot batches, production batches from 250 kg to 6 to - ask us. We cannot make everything, but a lot !