The Sports Surface -

Since more than 40 years customers world wide rely on RECAFLEX™ sports surfaces.

Selected raw materials combined with expertise in manufacturing of chemical products, a 100% quality control and years of experience in Track & Field construction guarantee long lasting sports surfaces.

RECAFLEX™ Track & Field flooring systems are based on RECAPUR™ components, world-class PUR products often copied, never matched.

Sustainabilty is not a phrase for K&K. Our binders and coatings are based on and contain a high percentage of raw materials from renewable resources.

Sustainable raw materials and a long service life of  our RECAFLEX™ Track & Field systems are our contribution to protect the environment.

The Components -


The RECAPUR™ QP 1000 / QP 100 product line  provides the best connection between sub-base and the RECAFLEX™ flooring systems. Whether concrete or bitumen, metal or wood, RECAPUR™ primers will never give up.

RECAPUR™ Adhesive

The RECAPUR™ QP 2000 product line contains one component and two componente reactive adhesives. Our adhesives will last under the demanding conditions of Track & Field installations but will also work in highly sophisticated industrial applictions. We do make PUR , polyurea and epoxy adhesives.

RECAPUR™ Binder / Prepolymer

Rubber crumb, recycled tire granules, gravel, glass and more materials will be bound with RECAPUR™ QP 3000 / QP 400 PUR binders and prepolymers. We supply standard binders for Track & Field flooring systems as well as lightfast, non yellowing binders for colorfull playground installations. The QP 400 product line was especially developed for gravel carpets, glass floors  and the like, indoor and outdoor.

RECAPUR™  Poresealer

Sealing the black mat or waterproof a playground surface, one and two component RECAPUR™ QP 4000 pore sealer products will do the job.The product line contains special products for indoor and outdoor surfaces.

RECAPUR™ Coatings

Self levelling coatings and spray coats make up the RECAPUR™ QP 5000 / QP 200 product lines. While QP 5000 coatings were developed for Track & Field, QP 200 products are the best choice for gym floor and similar elastic indoor appliactions.

RECAPUR™ Top Coats / Varnishes

Designed as elastic, abrasion and slip resistant top coats for gym floor surfaces, the RECAPUR™ QP 6000 product line sets the standard also for encapsulated athletic tracks. Available in may bright colors, QP 6000 top coats are available in solvent based as well as VOC-free products. 

RECAPUR™ Line Marking Paints

We provide standard line marking colors, but the RECAPUR™  QP 7000 product line has bright , colorful marking paints for playground and decorative purposes as well.  Special colors for your project are available.

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