The Anti-Trauma Surface -

RECAPLAY™Safety Surfaces are an offspring of the well known RECAFLEX™ Track & Field sports surfaces. Beginning 1998 RECAPLAY™ surfaces undergo a continous development and improvement .

RECAPLAY™ Safety Surfaces  are tested and approved according to DIN EN 1177 and ASTM F 1292.

Elastic force reduction layers based on the special RECAPLAY rubber crumb mix provide maximum protection wherever possible. Colorfull top layers reduce wet slip, provide enhanced hygiene and offer decorative inlay options for many years to come. 


- The Components

Rubber Granules and Mixtures

Reca Granules Recycled rubber granules for multi purpose sports surfaces
Reca FG Special rubber mixture for playground safety surfaces and similar projects
Reca EPDM Colorfull  EPDM rubber granules for multi purpose and playground surfaces

Water Based Binder

RECAPUR™ TracBase Waterbased binder for elastic and shock absorbing base layers.
RECAPUR™ Tractop Water Based binder with higher strength and weather resistance  for top layers.


The elastic binder for base layers and dark colored top layers
QP 3400
Standard binder for multi purpose sports surfaces,  safety surfaces up to 50 mm and EPDM.

QP 3405

The universal Safety Surface Binder, suitable for base and top layers.
QP 3485
The lightfast binder for light colored EPDM rubber granules.


QP 4501
No-Sag paste for waterproofing RECAPLAY™ safety surfaces, clear or colored
QP 4601
No-Sag PUD based paste for sealing RECAPLAY™ safety surfaces, clear, lightfast.

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