Simply elegant at the car dealers show room with a seamless RECASTEP coating. Lightfast, durable and available in many colors.

Pebble floors made from marble, glas, gravel and EPDM for many different applications, indoor and outdoor, bound with RECAPUR products.

RECASTEP flooring systems for industrial flooring, tested for modest use up to highest demand and heavy truck traffic, wear resistant and hygienic.

Water permeable flooring systems for public and residential walkways, squares, open spaces and more. RECASTEP - weather resistant, anti-slip, durable.

Seamless decorative floors with logos, graphics, photos and more. RECASTEP challenges your creativity.

RECASTEP waterproofing systems set the standard for taking care of hazardous chemicals. Water proof and resistant against many chemicals.

- the Components


For nearly all substrates, one and two component, solvent based and solvent free,  based on EP, PUR and our very special chemistry.

RECAPUR™ Waterproofing

Liquid membranes for waterproofing, roof sealing and secondary containment. Standard systems with medium ( 450% ) and extreme ( > 850% ) elongation, easy to apply but strong and durable.

RECAPUR™ Coatings

Tough, flexible coatings for walkways, office and more or hard, wear resisstant systems for industrial flooring and parking ramps - RECAPUR™ coating fulfill many different demands. PUR, epoxy, polyurea, solvent free, available in many different colors.

RECAPUR™ Top Coats and Varnishes

From thin mil varnishes to thick mil top coats, the RECAPUR™ product family offers a wide portfolio of UV- and weather resistant products, VOC-free 100% solids as well as solvent and water based.


Binders for granulated surfaces are our core business. RECAPUR™ binders will bind gravel, glass, rubber to a seamless, durable flooring. One and two component systems based on PUR, epoxy and other reative materials.

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